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Dan Abnett.
Angry Robot. 2011

Dan Abnett, Rod Whigham, Jack Snider.
Terminator 2: Cybernetic Dawn.
Boxtree. 1996

rating : 4 : passes the time
review : 14 July 1997

This graphic novel takes up the story immediately after the events of the film Terminator 2: Sarah Connor, wounded from her fight with the Terminator, is still classified as a dangerous escaped mental patient on the run from the police. And now there are three more T-1000 Terminators back from the future after her and her son John.

I thought the artwork was a bit disappointing. I realise it must be difficult to draw recognisable real people -- Sarah Connor needs to be drawn to look like Linda Hamilton -- but I found the result rather too chunky. And the characters that are new to this story all look rather nondescript and wooden. But the action is fun -- Sarah is still tough, John is still competent with an attitude -- and the plot is suitably dark, and moves the story along.