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Tobias S. Buckell.
The Trove.
self published. 2017

Treasure Island like you’ve never read it before...

Jane Hawkins lives on a floating space pert where she tries to help her mothers run a failing inn. Every day she watches starships land from far-off places, bound for exotic adventures.

But a new occupant under their roof is about to change everything. His name is Villem Osteonidus. More machine than man, he’s crewed aboard ships that sail through the universe faster than light itself.

And he has a secret that will change Jane’s life forever.

Tobias S. Buckell.
Arctic Rising.
Tor. 2012

Tobias S. Buckell.
Hurricane Fever.
Del Rey. 2014

When former spy Roo Jones receives an unexpected package from a dead friend, he’s yanked out of a comfortable retirement and is suddenly embroiled in a global conspiracy involving a weapon that could change the face of the world forever.

But as one of the largest hurricanes to hit the Caribbean begins to sweep through the area, Roo just may find that time is running out – not just for himself, but the whole world…

Tobias S. Buckell.
Crystal Rain.
Tor. 2006

Tobias S. Buckell.
Tor. 2007

Tobias S. Buckell.
Sly Mongoose.
Tor. 2008

Tobias S. Buckell.
The Apocalypse Ocean.
self pub. 2012

Humanity continues to gain control of the Forty Eight Worlds as they deorbit wormholes and join the many worlds and civilizations together. But as they do so, they must deal with the horrors of past injustices as humanity forms new societies out of the wreckage of the old.

And some of those horrors aren’t content to rest. Kay, who has rescued herself from a hellish life dominated by uncaring alien creatures, seeks bloody twisted revenge for what was done to her.

And a new force is not happy about the manner in which the Forty Eight worlds are reshaping themselves. In fact, it’s about to put a stop to it all.

Tobias S. Buckell.
Xenowealth: A Collection.
self pub. 2015