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Carole Nelson Douglas.
Tom Doherty. 1992

rating : 4 : passes the time
review : 30 January 2005

Temple Barr, PR organiser at the ABA Book Fair in Las Vegas, is having a bad time. She discovers a body in the fair hall, two important display cats have gone missing, Detective Molina is still hostile to her about the prior disappearance of her boyfriend, and to top it all, a large black cat, Midnight Louie, has attached himself to her. She needs to solve the murder to keep her PR CV clean, but with so many suspects, what can she do? Little does she know that Midnight Louis is an undercover world-weary PI....

You probably have to be both a cat person, and a hard boiled detective story fan, to enjoy this to its utmost. But even if not, it's an amusing story, with clues sprinkled (or just plain dumped) liberally, and some interesting eccentric characters. I found it fun, but I probably won't be bothering with the rest ... too may books, too little time.