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Bruno Ernst.
The Magic Mirror of M.C. Escher.
Tarquin. 1985

(read but not reviewed)

Bruno Ernst.
Adventures with Impossible Figures.
Tarquin. 1986

(read but not reviewed)

Bruno Ernst.
The Eye Beguiled.
Taschen. 1986

rating : 3.5 : worth reading
review : 27 June 1998

Traces the history of geometrically 'impossible objects' from the impossible tribar pictured on the cover, through the Penroses' article on ever-ascending staircases, through to Escher as beyond, with some psychological explanation of how the eye tries to understand the images.

Most of the brain-hurting pictures are just the same as in Adventures with Impossible Figures, but there's more text and history. The overlapping material includes how to make a 'real' 3D tribar -- by building a model with a gap in it that is invisible when viewed from a particular direction. But here we also get to see much more impresive gapped 3D models of Escher's famous "Belvedere" and "Waterfall". And there is a fascinating snippet at the end of how to build these impossible objects without gaps, but instead with curved members; this time it is the curves that dissappear at the critical viewing angle.

[curved tribar construction]