Short works

Books : reviews

Lois McMaster Bujold, Roland J. Green, eds.
Women at War.
Tor. 1995


Jennifer Stevenson. The Purge. 1995
Rebecca M. Meluch. Traitor. 1995
Holly Lisle. A Few Good Men. 1995
Judith Tarr. Sitting Shiva. 1995
Mickey Zucker Reichert. Homecoming. 1995
Jane Yolen. The One-Armed Queen. 1995
Sydney Long. For the Right Reason. 1995
Juanita Coulson. A Matter of Faith. 1995
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. First Communion. 1995
Susan Booth. Edge of the Sword. 1995
Gay Marshall. The Heart of the Hydra. 1995
P. J. Beese. White Wings. 1995
Adrienne Martine-Barnes. Flambeaux. 1995
Margaret Ball. Notes During a Time of Civil War. 1995
P. N. Elrod. Fugitives. 1995
Pauline M. Griffin. Lizard. 1995
Elizabeth Moon. Hand to Hand. 1995

Roland J. Green.
These Green Foreign Hills.
Ace. 1987