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Betty Lehan Harragan.
Games Mother Never Taught You: corporate gamesmanship for women.
Rawson. 1977

rating : 4 : passes the time
review : 13 April 2008

The past, it is said, is a foreign country. The past of a foreign country can seem more like an alien planet. So, 30 years on from when this was written as a primer for US women entering the business management world for essentially the first time, how does it fare being read in the UK?

Bits of it are incomprehensible. Bits of it are almost unbelievable. Bits of it are now irrelevant. (We have come a long way.) And bits of it are still completely to the point. (We haven't got all the way yet!) Well written and pacey, this is fascinating both as an historical document, and an insight into the cut and thrust of senior business management, and the mindset needed to compete, and succeed.