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Rich Horton, ed.
Space Opera.
Prime. 2014

Space Opera spans a vast range of epic interstellar adventure stories told against a limitless cosmos filled with exotic aliens, heroic characters, and incredible settings. A truly stellar compilation of tales from one of the defining streams of science fiction, old and new, written by a supernova of genre talent.


Greg Egan. Glory. 2007
Alastair Reynolds. Hideaway. 2000
Yoon Ha Lee. The Knight of Chains, the Deuce of Stars. 2013
James Patrick Kelly. The Wreck of the Godspeed. 2004
Gwyneth Jones. Saving Tiamaat. 2007
Gareth L. Powell. Six Lights off Green Scar. 2008
Chris Willrich. The Mote Dancer and the Firelife. 2012
Michael Flynn. On Rickety Thistlethwaite. 2010
Una McCormack. War Without End. 2010
David Moles. Finisterra. 2007
Naomi Novik. Seven Years from Home. 2010
Kage Baker. Plotters and Shooters. 2007
Paul Berger. The Muse of Empires Lost. 2006
Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette. Boojum. 2008
Jay Lake. Lehr, Rex. 2006
Justina Robson. Cracklegrackle. 2009
Ian R. MacLeod. Isabel of the Fall. 2001
Robert Reed. Precious Mental. 2013
Aliette de Bodard. The Two Sisters in Exile. 2012
Lavie Tidhar. Lode Stars. 2010
Benjanun Sriduangkaew. Silent Bridge, Pale Cascade. 2013
Ian McDonald. The Tear. 2008