Books : reviews

Roz Kaveney.
Plus One Press. 2012

Roz Kaveney, ed.
More Tales from the Forbidden Planet.
Titan. 1990


Terry Pratchett. Hollywood Chickens. 1990
Rachel Pollack. The Woman Who Didn't Come Back. 1990
John Sladek. Dining Out. 1990
Colin Greenland. Best Friends. 1990
Ann Nocenti. The Heart Beats. 1990
Ian Watson. The Human Chicken. 1990
Mick Farren. Fun in the Final Days. 1990
Jamie Delano. The Horror in Our Lives. 1990
R. M. Lamming. Wasp Songs. 1990
Neil Gaiman. Webs. 1990
Storm Constantine. Did You ever See Oysters Walking up the Stairs?. 1990
Larry Niven. Portrait of Daryanree the King. 1990
David Langford. Ellipses. 1990
John Clute. Death of a Sacred Monster. 1990
Mary Gentle. Black Motley. 1990