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Armand Marie Leroi.
Mutants: on the form, varieties and errors of the human body.
HarperCollins. 2003

Armand Marie Leroi.
The Lagoon: how Aristotle invented science.
Bloomsbury. 2014

In 345 BC Aristotle arrived on an island in the Eastern Aegean to begin the greatest of all human endeavours. Observing the animals around him, he catalogued them, dissected them and recorded how they lived, fed and bred. And then he explained it all. There, amidst silver olive groves, flower-filled meadows and a clear and calm lagoon, science was born.

In this luminous book, acclaimed biologist Armand Marie Leroi recovers Aristotles beautiful and forgotten science. He examines the creatures that Aristotle knew and loved, his profound ideas, inspired theories, as well as the things that he got wildly wrong. Modern science still bears the stamp of its founder. Even now, Aristotle teaches us how to discover new worlds.