Books : reviews

Richard Morgan.
Market Forces.
Gollancz. 2004

Richard Morgan.
Black Man (== Thirteen) .
Gollancz. 2007

Richard Morgan.
Thin Air.
Gollancz. 2018

An ex-corporate enforcer, Hakan Veil, is forced to bodyguard Madison Jegede, part of a colonial audit team investigating a disappeared lottery winner on Mars. But when Jegede is abducted, and Hakan nearly killed, the investigation takes him further and deeper than he had ever expected. And soon Hakan discovers the heavy price he may have to pay to learn the truth.

Richard Morgan.
Altered Carbon.
Gollancz. 2001

Richard Morgan.
Broken Angels.
Gollancz. 2003

Richard Morgan.
Woken Furies.
Gollancz. 2005