Short works

Books : reviews

Richard Sean McEnroe, ed.
Proteus: Voices for the 80's.
Ace. 1981


George Alec Effinger. Terrific Park. 1981
Michael Swanwick. 'Til Human Voices Wake Us. 1981
Rob Chilson. Acute Triangle. 1981
J. A. Lawrence. Nothing But. 1981
Charles Sheffield. Parasites Lost. 1981
Carver and Burmeister go to Earth to recover a lunar truffle hunting pig in a million.
Reginald Bretnor. The Jennerization of H. Truman Buster. 1981
Eileen Gunn. Contact. 1981
Jack C. Haldeman II. Games Children Play. 1981
Craig Strete. Ten Times Your Fingers and Double Your Toes. 1981
H.C Petley. Tripaner's Day. 1981
Takashi Ishikawa. The Road to the Sea. 1981
Andrew Weiner. Getting near the End. 1981
Jean E. Karl. Certain Fathoms in the Earth. 1981
Nicholas Yermakov. Drift Away. 1981