Short works

Books : reviews

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What Is Life? The Next Fifty Years: speculations on the future of biology.
CUP. 1995


What is Life? The next fifty years. An introduction. 1995
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Stephen Jay Gould. 'What is life?' as a problem in history. 1995
Jared Diamond. The evolution of human inventiveness. 1995
Lewis Wolpert. Development: is the egg computable or could we generate an angel or a dinosaur?. 1995
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Christian de Duve. RNA without protein or protein without RNA?. 1995
Stuart A. Kauffman. 'What is life?': was Schrodinger right?. 1995
Roger Penrose. Why new physics is needed to understand the mind. 1995
Walter Thirring. Do the laws of Nature evolve?. 1995
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Eric D. Schneider, James J. Kay. Order from disorder: the thermodynamics of complexity in biology. 1995
Ruth Braunizer. Reminiscences. 1995