Books : reviews

John J. Pierce, ed.
Galaxy: November 1977.
UPD. 1977


Herbert Gerjuoy. The Holy Temple. 1977
Charles Sheffield. The Long Chance. 1977
Glenn T. Wilson. The Timeless Spy. 1977
Thomas Wylde. Jogging Up Main Street. 1977
Rex Anderson. My Friend's Last Show. 1977
Jerry Pournelle. Lucifer's Hammer: A Step Farther Out. 1977

John J. Pierce, ed.
Galaxy: December-January 1978.
UPD. 1978


William Walling. Memo to the Leader. 1978
Timothy P. Lewis. The Road to God. 1978
Tim Joseph. Come Again. 1978
Lee Whipple. John Henry and the Ultra-Media Experience Machine. 1978
Jesse Peel. With Clean Hands. 1978
Jerry Pournelle. E.F Schumacher, RIP: A Step Farther Out. 1978
Richard E. Geis. The Alien Viewpoint. 1978

John J. Pierce, ed.
Galaxy: February 1978.
UPD. 1978


Dian Girard. The Nothing Spot. 1978
Nicholas Yermakov. Writer's Block. 1978
Victor Koman. Death's Dimensions. 1978
Jerry Pournelle. Rapping out the Space Industries: A Step Farther Out. 1978