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Linnea Sinclair.
Finders Keepers.
Bantam. 2005

rating : 4 : passes the time
review : 13 February 2006

Trilby Elliot is the Captain of a struggling star freighter, holed up on a deserted planet for much needed repairs, when a Zafharin officer crash lands almost in her lap. She's desperate to get back to base for her next cargo; he's desperate to get back to his people to give them vital intelligence about the treacherous 'Sko. But in fact the stakes are higher than either of them realise, for Trilby unknowingly holds a secret the 'Sko are desperate to get hold of.

This is a good page turner, with a realistic-feeling backdrop of running space battles, grungy Low Port characters, and dastardly enemies. But it's centred around a love affair that is a bit predictable (boy meets girl, boy and girl have big falling out, boy and girl make up), and rather implausible (especially on the arrogant Zafharin's side). Nevertheless, decent mind candy.