EDCBS III Cognitive Modelling



Jain AK, Mao J, Mohiuddin KM (1996) Artificial Neural Networks: A Tutorial. Computer 29(3), 31-44.

This is a fairly accessible (but computer science orientated) tutorial introduction to the topics covered this week.
Link to abstract/published version - requires subscription.
Link to preprint.

Pouget A, Deneve S, Duhamel JR (2002) A Computational Perspective on the Neural Basis of Multisensory Spatial Representations. Nature Review Neuroscience. 3:741-747

This is an accessible review of Pouget and colleagues work on multi sensory representations and coordinate transforms.
Link to pdf.

Barry et al (in press) The boundary vector cell model of place cell firing and spatial memory. Reviews in the Neurosciences

A review of the boundary vector cell model, including latest developments and interesting recent data.
Link to pdf preprint.

Averbeck BB, Chafee MV, Crowe DA, Georgopoulos AP (2002) Parallel processing of serial movements in prefrontal cortex. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 99(20):13172-7.

The paper showing CQ dynamics in monkey prefrontal cortex during sequential action. Link to pdf.

Zorzi M, Stoianov I, Umilita C (in press) Computational Modelling of Numerical Cognition. In Campbell (Ed) Handbook of Numerical Cognition.

Review of computational models of numerical cognition (!) pdf

Hutzler F, Ziegler JC, Perry C, Wimmer H, Zorzi M (2004) Do current connectionist learning models account for reading development in different languages? Cognition 91(3):273-96.

Modelling development of reading for speakers of different languages pdf

Houghton G, Hartley T (1995). Parallel Models of Serial Behaviour: Lashley Revisited. Psyche 2(25).

Fairly early review linking inhibitory control processes in attention to serial order - Competitive Queueing. Download PDF (Note: figures somewhat distorted).

O'Reilly R, Munakata Y (2000) Computational Explorations in Cognitive Neuroscience. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

A useful textbook for modelling cognition.

Houghton G, Ed. (2005) Connectionist Models in Cognitive Psychology Psychology Press.

Review of neural network modelling in core areas of cognitive psychology including: memory and learning, language (written and spoken), cognitive development, cognitive control, attention and action. The chapters discuss neural network models in a clear and accessible style, with an emphasis on the relationship between the models and relevant data drawn from psychology, neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience. Includes chapters by George and Marco dealing with topics covered in the course.

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George Houghton University of Wales, Bangor.
Marco Zorzi University of Padova.
Tom Hartley University of York.

Stéphanie Duhoux
Floris De Lange
Lotte Meteyard
Cristina Baus Marquez
Boukje Habets
Yair Pinto
Alessio Avenanti
Filip van Opstal
Doreen Hoerold
Ingrid Nieuwenhuis
Gerrit Maus
Miriam Gade
Agnès Alsius Rancé
Andreja Bubic
Rozenn Le Calvez
Tobias Schicke
Thérèse Collins