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Watson DM, Andrews TJ, Hartley T. (2017) A data driven approach to understanding the organization of high-level visual cortex. Scientific Reports 7: 3596 DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-03974-5

Watson DM, Hartley T, Andrews TJ. (2017) Patterns of response to scrambled scenes reveal the importance of visual properties in the organization of scene selective cortex. Cortex 92:162-174

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Levita L, Bois C, Healey A, Smyllie E, Papakonstantinou E, Hartley T, Lever C (2014) The Behavioural Inhibition System, anxiety and hippocampal volume in a non-clinical population. Biology of Mood & Anxiety Disorders 4:4

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Hartley T, Burgess N (2005). Complementary memory systems: competition, cooperation and compensation. Trends in Neurosciences 28(4):169-170.
[Commentary on a paper by Voermans et al.(Science Direct).]

Hartley T, Maguire EA, Spiers HJ, Burgess N (2003). The well-worn route and the path less traveled: distinct neural bases of route following and wayfinding in humans. Neuron 37:877-888 Download PDF. See also commentary by McNamara and Shelton (Science Direct).

Maguire EA, Spiers HJ, Good CD, Hartley T, Frackowiak RSJ, Burgess N (2003). Navigation expertise and the human hippocampus: a structural brain imaging analysis. Hippocampus 13(2):208-217. Download PDF.

Braddick OJ, O'Brien JM, Wattam-Bell J, Atkinson J, Hartley T, Turner R (2001). Brain areas sensitive to coherent visual motion. Perception 30(1):61-72.

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