PhD in machine learning for argumentation

In 2023/24 I plan to recruit a new PhD candidate in the field of argumentation and machine learning.

If you have an interest in argumentation and dialogue systems and/or machine learning and you would

like to join a world-class research group, please read on.



What is computational dialectics?

"Dialectics" can be seen as the branch of philosophy attempting to build models for "good" dialogue. Computational dialectics concerns the attempts to use such models within a computer system. Computational dialectics has been a fast growing area of artificial intelligence with research concerning suitable dialogue models that are used regulate the evolving dialogue and dialogue strategies that are ready for a computational agent to adopt as a dialogue participant. The practical applications of such systems includes but not limited to technology-enhanced learning, system assurance case development, legal mediation, health promotion and multi-agent communications.

To get a feel about the research atmosphere within the community, please visit a few sites listed below:


-       International conference on computational models of arguments.

-       Computational models of natural arguments workshop series.

-       Argument mining workshop series

-       Journal of argument and computation.

-       Informal logic journal:


What are the topics of interest?

Being in a world-leading position in the field, we can help you select a topic for your PhD project, so that you can engage in meaningful research from the first year of the program. Some example topics are provided as follows:

-         Human-computer dialogue systems for higher education

-         Social dialogues for autistic children

-         Machine learning of dialogue strategies

-         Agent-assisted safety arguments review

-         Argument-based decision making

I am happy to consider other project topics in the area of argument, dialogue and computation.


Who will I be working with?

You will be working with a world-class team of researchers in the field of artificial intelligence which includes argumentation technology, natural language processing, machine learning and agent technology. A supervision team will be formed to ensure you receive the best advice for your study. We’re a UK top ten research department - according to the Times Higher Education’s ranking of the latest REF results (2021).

Where will I be located?

The Department of Computer Science is located in the new campus of the University of York, in a new purpose-built building. It is the newest Computer Science facilities in the United Kingdom. York is one of the most historic, picturesque and safe cities in the country. The Department of Computer Science hosts several world-class research groups.


Are there any scholarships available?

Current information about funding offered by the department can be found in this page.



Dr. Tommy Yuan

Artificial Intelligence Research Group

Department of Computer Science

University of York,

Deramore Lane, Heslington, York, YO10 5GH, UK