Tommy's Research Interest

I am a Reader in the Artificial Intelligence Research Group, Computer Science Department of the University of York. I am interested in artificial intelligence in general with a special focus on how to make computers able to argue. Much of my work falls within the area of argumentation technology, i.e., argumentation and dialogue systems, natural language processing for argumentation, and the application of machine learning techniques to various argumentation tasks. I have been supervising a number of PhD projects that involve the use of reinforcement learning for agent learning to argue, graph neural networks for argument labeling, LSTM with attention models for argument mining and fake news detection, and more recently, LLMs for dialogue and argumentation.


I have been a member of the program committee for the International Workshop in Computational Models of Natural Arguments (CMNA) since 2011.


If you are interested in collaborative research, a research visit, or a Ph.D. program in the above areas, please email me at You should note that non-EU students will require both the ORS (Overseas Research Scheme) scholarship and university funding to be fully funded. Check the university finance section for details.