Research students


Sultan Alahmari: reinforcement learning for argumentation (co-supervisers: Dr. Daniel Kudenko; Dr. Nick Pears). Graduated in 2020 Summer. Currently working as an Assistant AI Research Professor in the National Centre for Aeronautical Technology Space and Aeronautics Research Institute in Saudi Arabia.

Nourah Al-Rossais: Intelligent, Item-Based Stereotype Recommender System (co-supervisers: Dr. Daniel Kudenko; Dr. Nick Pears). Currently a Lecturer at King Saud University.

Eyad Algahtani: A Scalable and Parallel Inductive Learner in Description Logic (joint-sueprvisor: Dr Dimitar Kazakov)

Fatima Alkhawaldeh: False Textual Information Detection, A Deep Learning Approach (co-sueprvisor: Dr Dimitar Kazakov)

Lars Malmqvist: Approximate Solutions to Abstract Argumentation Problems Using Graph Neural Networks (co-supervisers: Dr. Suresh Manandhar; Dr Peter Nightingale).



Adrian De Wynter: Natural Argument Generation.

Hosein Rezaei: Dialogue Systems for Mental Health (co-supervisor: Tarique Anwar)

Yusif Ibrahimov: Detecting Depression and Mental Illness on Social Media (Lead-supervisor: Tarique Anwar)

Fahad Alzaidee: Automated Marking and Tailored Feedback for Persuasive Essays (co-supervsior: Peter Nightingale)