Links to personal web pages, email addresses, room and phone numbers are listed below. All telephone numbers are (01904) 43+extension from within the UK, and 44(1904) 43+extension internationally.

Algebra group staff members

name  email extension room Research area
John Fountain jbf1 3082 G/104 semi group theory
Steve Donkin group theory
Victoria Gould  varg1 3090 G/130 semi group theory
Tony Sudbery  as2 3081 G/103 quantum groups
Maxim Nazarov  mln1 3078 G/122 group theory
Niall MacKay  nm15 3493 G/111 quantum groups
Brent Everitt  bje1 3083 G/161 group theory

Algebra group graduate Students

name  email extension room Supervisor
James Woodward   G/A169 Everitt
James Grime   Nazarov