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Bland and Altman 1986 Lancet paper citations

As of 28 March 2018, Bland JM and Altman DG: Statistical methods for assessing agreement between two methods of clinical measurement (Lancet 1986; i: 307-310) passed 30,000 citations on the Web of Science and 40,000 citations on Google Scholar.

Seventh Altman and Bland paper no longer reaches 1,000 citations on Web of Science

The seventh Altman and Bland paper to reach 1,000 citations on Web of Science has mysteriously shed citations and is now down below 1,000.

Sixth Altman and Bland paper becomes most highly cited in a journal

Bland JM and Altman DG. A note on the use of the intraclass correlation-coefficient in the evaluation of agreement between 2 methods of measurement. (Computers in Biology and Medicine 1990; 20: 337-340) is now the most highly cited paper in Computers in Biology and Medicine. On 19 March 2018 it had 376 citations, four more than the next highly cited.


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