Directory of randomisation software and services

This is a directory of randomisation software and services for clinical trials, including both simple do-it-yourself software and 24 hour telephone randomisation services. It is intended to help people planning and seeking funding for clinical trials.

If you know of other software or services which should be included, please email Martin Bland Envelope image and they will be added to the directory. If your service is listed here and you do not want it to be, please email Martin Bland and you will be removed. This is a copy of the Directory of randomisation software and services running at St. George's Hospital Medical School.

This directory is partial. Exclusion from it does not imply that the service is inferior in any way, just tell us who you are and we will include you. Inclusion in it does not imply that the service has been approved by us. We take responsibility only for getting the links right.

Randomisation programs:

Randomisation services:

These provide trial support services including telephone randomisation. These are not free. You must discuss your trial with the centre and agree their involvement before applying for your grant. These services are not cheap. 10 pounds per patient randomised is typical. They also provide many other collaborative services for trials. Some of these organisations have their origins in academic research, others are purely commercial. Telephone randomisation may be provided during normal working hours or 24 hours per day. You should check what service you need and what the service provider offers. You should also check what out-of-hours procedure they provide. This might be a voice activated computer, a person sitting by the phone, or a phone directed to someone doing something else.

Thanks for the information to Doug Altman, Jan Brogger, Iain Buchan, Tim Cole, Jon Cooke, Christian Coppe, Simon Coulton, Diana Elbourne, Johnathan Goddard, Jacqui Hill, Steff Lewis, Richard Martinez, Gladys McPherson, John C. Nash, Mark Nixon, Pete Zemroch, and a couple of Google searches.

This page was produced for applicants to the NHS South Eastern Regional R&D Project Grant Scheme.

You can read more about setting up research projects in the Statistics Guide for Research Grant Applicants. It's all good, but you might want to go directly to the Chapter on clinical trials.

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