Assessment: data sets

In the Applied Biostatistics module assessment, each candidate should use the data set allocated to their examination number, as follows:

Candidate Number Data file
51157 appbio01.sav
57038 appbio02.sav
Y1001374 appbio03.sav
Y1681689 appbio04.sav
Y1681743 appbio05.sav
Y1681946 appbio06.sav
Y1682061 appbio07.sav
Y1682137 appbio08.sav
Y1682278 appbio09.sav
Y1682376 appbio10.sav
Y1682423 appbio11.sav
Y1682541 appbio12.sav
Y1687851 appbio13.sav
Y1703001 appbio14.sav
Y1762497 appbio15.sav
Y1791758 appbio16.sav
Y1795335 appbio45.sav
Y2081640 appbio17.sav
Y2264145 appbio18.sav
Y2264176 appbio19.sav
Y2264310 appbio20.sav
Y2265218 appbio21.sav
Y2265380 appbio22.sav
Y2265401 appbio23.sav
Y2265499 appbio24.sav
Y2279064 appbio25.sav
Y2280562 appbio26.sav
Y2281773 appbio27.sav
Y2290081 appbio28.sav
Y2292052 appbio29.sav
Y2292406 appbio30.sav
Y2300828 appbio31.sav
Y2301218 appbio32.sav
Y2304360 appbio33.sav
Y2311092 appbio34.sav
Y2323313 appbio35.sav
Y2331677 appbio36.sav
Y2342136 appbio37.sav
Y2347976 appbio38.sav
Y2356853 appbio39.sav
Y2362846 appbio40.sav
Y2372014 appbio41.sav
Y2375278 appbio42.sav
Y2381737 appbio43.sav
Y2383385 appbio44.sav
Y2483868 appbio45.sav
Y2482465 appbio46.sav
Y2480691 appbio47.sav
Y2480138 appbio48.sav
Y2480225 appbio49.sav

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