Exercise: VAS stress from the 2005 questionnaire

In this exercise we shall look at some data from the 2005 M.Sc. questionnaire.

The following graph shows the distribution of stress recorded on a 100mm visual analogue scale (VAS):

See detailed description at d. d

The stress question originally went from highest stress = 0 to lowest stress = 100. This has been reversed so that a high score = high stress.


1. What kind of variable is VAS stress?

Check suggested answer 1.

2. What kind of graph is this?

Check suggested answer 2.

3. Where are the mode, the lower tail and the upper tail of this distribution?

Check suggested answer 3.

4. How would you describe the shape of the distribution and why?

Check suggested answer 4.

5. From the graph, approximately what would you estimate the median and the first and third quartiles to be? Where would they appear along the horizontal axis?

Check suggested answer 5.

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