Exercise: canaliculi in mouse livers

Temme et al. (2001) compared two genetic strains of mice, wild-type and connexin32-deficient. They measured the diameters of bile canaliculi in the livers of wild-type and C02-deficient animals, making several observations on each liver.

See detailed description at d. d

Fig. 3. Morphometric analysis of the diameter of bile canaliculi in wild-type and C02-deficient liver. MeansąSEM from three livers. *P<0.005

In such papers, authors seldom give details of their statistical methods, so we will assume that they used either a two sample t test or large sample z test for two means for this comparison.


1. What assumptions would we have to make about the data for these tests. Which one is clearly violated here?

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2. How could they have done a potentially valid two sample test?

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Temme A, Stiimpel F, Rieber GSEP, Willecke KJK, Ott T. (2001) Dilated bile canaliculi and attenuated decrease of nerve-dependent bile secretion in connexin32-deficient mouse liver. Eur J Physiol 442, 961-966.

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