Suggested answer to exercise: Readmission to hospital for asthmatic children, 2

Question 2: Draw a survival curve for time to readmission to hospital.

Suggested answer

We have time to event data and so we use Analyze, Survival. We want a survival curve, so we choose Kaplan-Meier. The time variable is "Follow-up time (days)" and the Status variable is "Readmitted". We define the event as "1", the code for a readmission. To get the curve, we go to Options and check Plots Survival. I also removed the checks from Survival tables and Mean and median survival, as I did not need this output.

This gives us:

We can improve this by changing the background to white and increasing the size of the text.

I also changed the number format for the time axis to get rid of the zeros after the decimal point.

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