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Solutions to EMI Self Test 1

Score +1 for each correct answer. You can rate your performance as follows:- below 5: work much harder, 5-6: work harder, 7-8: adequate, 9-10: good, 11-12: excellent.

9. v, standard error

10. z, weak evidence (P=0.06 is between 0.05 and 0.1)

11. y, very strong (P<0.001)

12. k, logarithmic

13. z, weak evidence (I would also accept j, little or no evidence)

14. i, linear

15. v, standard error (as described by SEM in the legend to the figure)

16. u, some evidence (all we know is P<0.05)

17. r, random allocation

18. t, single blind (the patients know whether they have received voice therapy but the observer assessing the tapes does not)

19. q, positively skew (the standard deviation is almost as large as the mean)

20. j, little or no evidence (the P value>0.1 and the difference is actually in the other direction)

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