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Solutions to EMI Self Test 3

There is no negative marking for EMIs, because random guessing is unlikely to get marks. Just count up the number correct to get a mark out of 10. The pass level for MB BS is 6/10. You should, of course, aim higher.


5. What type of study design and analysis is this? l meta-analysis

6. What is the search strategy designed to prevent? r publication bias

7. What kind of graph is this? e forest plot

8. What kind of scale is used on the horizontal axis? k logarithmic

9. What does the area of the squares represent? y study size

10. What does the position of the squares represent? p odds ratio for the study

11. What do the horizontal lines represent? d confidence interval

12. What does the position of the diamond or lozenge shape represent? o odds ratio for all studies combined

13. What does the width of the diamond or lozenge shape represent? d confidence interval

14. How strong is the evidence for a difference in infection between the two treatments? z very strong evidence

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