Dr Matt Hodgson

I'm a research scientist at the Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics, Germany. I work in condensed matter physics and quantum chemistry. My aim is to develop theoretical and computational methods which accurately describe the behaviour of electrons in molecules and atoms in order to advance cutting-edge nanotechnologies and chemical simulations.

More about me


I deconstruct and test theories within quantum mechanics in order to develop improved methods for modelling molecules and atoms. Improved models offer advancements in the following research fields.

Molecular electronics

Electron dynamics

Building electronic components from single molecules offers the prospect of ultra-high-density computer chips; however, common models of electron dynamics are insecure when strong currents flow.

Solar cells

Electron excitations

Charge transfer excitations are key processes in organic solar cells, which promise clean renewable energy; yet the most popular models of electron excitations are unreliable or too computationally expensive.


Electron emission

Identifying the chemical composition of matter from its photo-emission spectrum can be used to monitor greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, but calculating these spectra can be challenging.