Thursday, August 22, 2002

I propose to start a collection of good sigs (like collecting bumper stickers, but easier). To start the ball rolling, here is one from a newsgroup:

Ever noticed how fast Windows runs?

Neither did I.

I have been reviewing a compression utility (FlyZip) and it occurred to me that there is a big hole in Micro$oft's plan to run the world's computers: they have not produced a WinZip clone. As far as I can make out, their startegy is that computers should be sold with a full set of MS software pre-installed, so that the end-user never even finds out about rival products, let alone buys them. Unless you are a game player or a graphic designer, it is quite likely that a PC with Winndows, MSIE6 and Office will do everything you could imagine wanting it to do (even if not very well). EXCEPT open zip files. And zip files are pretty standard on the net - so what is going on?

Well, I have had the Clie as my main squeeze for a week now, and am just about to expire my first set of AAAs.

The backlight is better than my last B&W PDA (a Vx) and the screen is sharp and clear in daylight, but refreshes slowly giving a ghosting effect and slight delays when changing apps. I tried FAstCPU, but that just caused an irritating flicker.

Likes: Extra functionality related to jog-dial. Tiny footprint.
Dislikes: Fiddly buttons, sluggish screen.

I will do a proper review for Foxpop soon.