Friday, September 06, 2002

When I swap between different Palm devices, I take the same Hotsync username with me, because much of my software is registered under that name only. But not every device needs the same set-up: for example, hi-res Clies need ThinFontFix, but that crashes Palms, and colour devices need Khroma but B&W ones do not, and so on. So I like to make a complete back-up to external memory before doing the switch, so when I go back to that unit, any little gadgets I had installed are only a 'Copy' command away.

Now, MSBackup on the Clie allows you to hold several different back-ups on your Memory Stick, but BackupBuddyVFSFree, which I use on the Palm, automatically deletes a previous back-up when you make a new one. So the simplest way to create an archive is to rename the backup folder on the SD card to 'Archive' or whatever. Unfortunately, my trusty Filez file-manager does not seem able to do this, but the surprisingly speedy TealMover has no problem with the operation. Well done Tealpoint Software (again!).