Monday, September 23, 2002

HO-HUM. The replacement Palm is a dud! I did as asked, charged it for 4 hours without touching it, but it will not switch on or reboot (either a hard or a soft reset). I had a few minutes where it was displaying 7 vertical lines on the screen, which is my greatest success to date. Another one to send back. Thank goodness for my 'back-up' SL10. I think I has better buy a Pocketop keyboard asap.

I dispatched my faulty m505 on Thursday and the replacement has arrived this morning. That is pretty good service. And the replacement looks in really good condition. It is on the cradle having its 4 hour charge right now, so I have not had a look for dust in the digitizer, but the screen is unmarked.

I was planning to sell it and save up for a Tungsten T, but when I have it back in my hand, I cannot make up my mind.