Friday, September 27, 2002

I am thinking of re-launching this Blog (What? Already?) as 'Low End Palm'. In the world of desktop computers we often find ourselves with a machine powerful enough to run the economy of a small country or edit the latest Spielberg film, while all we want to do is check e-mail, write a letter and read the news. Sadly, the same seems to be happening in the PDA market, or at least starting to happen, as the Palm OS manufacturers try to compete with the PPC manufacturers for the longest list of gadgets and gizmos.

Fortunately, there are still entry-level devices about, but not many and maybe not for long. If you are reading this you have almost certainly at some point been tempted to buy some item of mobile technology because it can do amazing things, only to be brought up sharp by the realization that you have no need and little desire to do those things. So I would like to dedicate this Blog to the thought that everything worth doing on a PDA can be done on a basic model.

I don't want to 'dis' the latest hi-end technology coming out from Palm or Sony, merely to point out how much you can do with an older or more basic device. Do you prefer a B&W screen or AAA batteries? Send me comments or stories, please.

Well, I have discovered that if you are having a hard enough time with dud Palms (see below), they will no an on-the-doorstep exchange. That is teh courier brings a new one and takes away the dud. That speeds things up a bit. And this one works.