Monday, November 18, 2002


I am getting really fed up with the plastic screen cover that comes with the TT. It makes simple jobs fiddly and slow, plus I am always worried about dropping the Palm during the process.

Unfortunately, even the Palm Store has no stocks of the cases yet. But Amazon has a larger than life photo and a bit of a description of the so-called 'Scuba' slip case. I expected it to be a neoprene glove from which the TT had to be completely removed. But the description at Amozon mentions metal re-inforcements and ability to access all functions. Close scrutiny of the photo suggests that it has a rigid front panel that opens to the left, exposing the TT. The big question is how they manage to bind case and device together while still allowing the sliding mechanism to work. I hope it is not velcro, but uses the elasticity of the material to grip the Palm (like Vaja leather cases).

And a big brownie point for the first person to spot a third-party TT case.