Thursday, November 21, 2002


The first launcher replacement to take advantage of the Tungsten T was Embark. I had a quick look at v.1.0 but found it a bit slow (I don't expect to ever see a 'please wait' box on the TT). When v.1.01 came out 10 days later, I tried that but found my free trial period had expired. This is cheap shareware ($12), so I was a bit taken aback by the stinginess of the author.

Anyway, LauncherX was released on Tuesday and I have been enjoying it immensely. To anyone familiar with LauncherIII, this will be very familiar. There is slightly greater control over the appearance, a few more gadgets, and improved card support allowing it to use multiple folders on the card. The long awaited 'Homer', which will add McPhling-style application switching has not been implemented yet.

LauncherIII was not the most visually spectacular launcher, but it was small, fast, well-featured and very robust. LauncherX will probably be outdone on the skins and custimization front by an OS5 version of SilverScreen, but I suspect that it will soon be established as the launcher of choice for power users. For example, there are three options for refreshing the apps list: Automatic, Manual and Ignore Card. Whichever you set, there is a little refresh button on the top of the screen by the time, so a full scan of RAM and all designated card directories is only a tap away.