Saturday, November 23, 2002

It has just occurred to me: what is the point of having a cutaway for the navigator button if the flip-cover is opaque? Have I missed something?

Flip Cover

A reader, Chris Mellor, has sent me this link:
It appears that this company are making flip covers for the Tungsten T, though there is a long lead on their delivery (4-6 weeks). The design looks good, aluminium with padding for the screen and a cutaway for the navigator, but the attachment is by velcro. They have done nothing to take into account the unique sliding design of the TT, presumably because they have assumed that the only times the TT will be 'open' will be times when it is in use.

I think $24.95 plus shipping is a bit steep for a flip cover, and I cannot see why the TT cover is $5 more than the ones for PPC and Sony machines.