Wednesday, December 04, 2002


I added some screenshots to this Blog on Sunday. One interesting thing is that when I upload them untampered with and size them at 320x320, they look huge on the desktop screen. It reminds you how many pixels per mm are squeezed into that Tungsten screen. No wonder it looks so good.

Question: Should I carry on putting screenshots on the main page, or should I just give links to the images and keep the Blog itself text-based? Any opinions?

Vaja Cases

I spent an hour on Monday trying to find a case for the TT on the Tottenham Court Road with no luck (for those non-UK readers, Tottenham Court Road is a street in London which is like an eastern bazaar full of Hi-Fi and Computer dealers - if something is available, you can get it there). Then yesterday Foxpop Central gets an e-mail to say Vaja have released their Tungsten case. Whoopee! Check it out at:

I will post a review on Foxpop with loads of photos etc. as soon as they send me a sample.