Sunday, December 08, 2002

Palm 'Scuba' Sleeve Case

I managed to get hold of one of these yesterday, but since they come in non-resealable plastic packaging, I had to buy it to try it out. [That is so annoying - who or what are they protecting by packaging their goods in such a way that once they have been inspected they cannot be re-sold? EIther shops have to lose money or customers have to take a risk, and if you buy mail-order, the customers always take the risk.]

Anyway, I am rather disappointed. It adds considerable bulk to the Tungsten and is not very convenient to use. The one plus point is that it is very easy to get the device in and out of the case for hotsync-ing. I will do a proper review when I have bought some new batteries for my camera, but meanwhile here are the key points:

1. The TT attaches to the case by the two attachments points used for the standard screen cover (e.g. when you fit teh cover to teh back of the TT).
2. The case is rigid and wraps around the device leaving the top and bottom uncovered.
3. There is not a proper hinge, but the front section folds back.
4. There is a cutaway for the voice button and earphone jack.
5. The graffiti area can be accessed while in the case.
6. The case adds some bulk but little weight, and will fit comfortably in the back pocket of my jeans.
7. The finish is matt black plastic.