Thursday, December 26, 2002

I forgot to add: Pocket Tunes appears to be at version 1.2 now and is discounted until the end of the year.


I was planning to write a review of Audible Player on the TT but it takes more time to write a negative review. Suffice it to say for the time being that it does the job, in the sense of allowing you to play books you have bought from, but it does not do it very well. The sound is OK, but it is clunky, buggy and user-unfriendly.

Meanwhile, I was installing the Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets game on our home PC (for my daughter!) and noticed that all the sound files are in ogg format. If big budget, large volume entertainment software like that is using ogg, it suggests that the format might make it as a genuine rival to mp3. I hope so, because it looks like ogg players might be the best music software we are going to see on the TT.