Sunday, January 05, 2003

Brando Update

Having written what I did yesterday, I decided that after 2 weeks it was time to remove the Brando screen protector. This leads to two furtehr comments:

1. Partly because of being ever so slightly oversize, it is hard to get under the screen protector to remove it by pulling upwards. In the end I had to slide the point of a sharp knife under it so that I could get a purchase with my finger-tip. It was scary but did not do any damage. Once you have a good grip, the screen prootector comes away very easily, with none of the digitizer-stretching pulling that plagues glued overlays like the Fitaly Stamp.

2. Once removed, there was a sense of relief - I had my lovely TT back again. In fact, I just played with it for a few minutes for the sheer pleasure of looking at the screen in all its glory. So a dialogue ensues: prudence says 'this little gadget was expensive so you had better look after it', but reason tells me 'there is no point having luxuries if you do not enjoy them'.