Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Audible Saga

Has anyone out there managed to load more than one Audible 'program' at a time onto their TT? If I have a book, or part thereof, on my card and want to add another, the Audible Manager goes through all the suitable dialogues, asks me to Hotsync, but simply fails to transfer the new content over to the TT. This could be really annoying if you had just the last 20 minutes of one book to listen to and a whole 11 hour flight ahead of you. (Yes, I am about to take a long journey, so these thoughts are top of my mind. Well, not quite top - that is reserved for the confernece paper which I have not written yet. Aaargh!)


The Fitaly stickers to go on my TT's graffiti area arrived today. They are exactly the same as the stickers for version 2, and the TT takes the ones which also fit the Visor Edge and the Clie N6xx/7xx series.

I will do some proper testing soon and write a review for Foxpop, but let me tell you the good news. So far, at least, there is NO INCOMPATIBILITY WITH NEWPEN. That means that you can use Newpen with your TT closed for quick'n'dirty graffiti input, and simply slide open to access Fitaly for serious data entry. In my view, that is a much better solution than the pop-up PPC version, because the Fitaly keyboard does not obscure any of the all important screen area.