Sunday, February 02, 2003

That stupid plastic cover!

The Vaja case has still not arrived, but my patience has worn thin with the plastic cover. While putting my TT away the other day my attention was distracted and I found myself holding the cover and not the TT! Fortunately the impact does not seem to have done any harm, but my instinctive attempt to catch the falling object was disastrous: I scratched teh screen with my fingernail. Aaargh!

Fortunately the scratch has disappeared with some special polymer polish, but I have learnt the lesson and ordered a Cover-up from I will post some photos when it arrives, since the ones on their website are lousy.

Mini How-Tos

Number 1: How To Switch from OS4 to OS5

When upgrading from an OS4 to an OS5 device like the TT, nearly all your software will work, but it is worth taking care. So I recommend the following procedure:

1. If you are using any hacks, run your hack-manager (Tealmaster or X-master) and disable them all. Also disable any hack-like applications such as keyboard drivers.

2. Hotsync your OS4 device and make a complete copy of the C:\..\Palm\ directory to a safe place.

3. Navigate to C:\...\Palm\\Backup and delete the files:
If you have any software that you know is incompatible, such as the PPK driver, delete it from this folder too.

4. Do a hard reset on the OS5 device.

5. Put the OS5 device in the cradle and Hotsync. When asked select the username of your OS4 device.

6. Enable and test your hacks one by one. All self-contained applications (i.e. ones which do not try to do something while another app is running) should be fine.

7. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HOTSYNC YOUR OS4 DEVICE AGAIN! Since you now have two Palms with the same username, if you Hotsync them to the same computer, in any order or under any circumstances, you will almost certainly get data loss. If you want to carry on using the OS4 device, do a hard reset and give it a new username. This will mean that any registered shareware will not work on it, but since you only paid for one licence, that is fair enough. If there is something you paid for which only works on OS4, then contact the author and explain the situation. Most are reasonable people and they will give you a new registration code for the new username.

Number 2: How To set up a Bluetooth Connection between the TT and the Sony-Ericsson T68i (by Craig Murphy)

Stage 1: If you haven't done so already, install the T68i drivers onto the Palm. These can be found on the disc that came with your TT or can be downloaded from Palm's website.

Stage 2: Go to Prefs/Bluetooth on the Palm, and make the settings:

* Bluetooth - On
* Device Name - Give your TT a name
* Discoverable - Yes
* Allow Wakeup - No

Stage 3: On your T68i go to Connect/Bluetooth/Discover, and allow the phone to find the Palm. Enter a passkey on the phone and then enter the same passkey on the Palm. The Palm should now show your T68i as atrusted device.

Stage 4: Now, go to Prefs/Connection on the Palm and select the BT to Sony-E T68i driver.

Stage 5: Next, go to Prefs/Phone, and make sure that the BT to Sony-E T68i driver is selected. Tap test to ensure that the Palm correctly sees the phone.

Stage 6: Next, go to Prefs/Network and enter ALL your ISP's details and select the BT to Sony-E T68i driver as the connection type. Tap connect to ensure that the connection can be established.

Stage 7: Finally, select the correct Network connection in whichever e-mail/web browser you're using.