Thursday, February 06, 2003

Audio Update

At long long last the Audion Update for the TT has appeared on Palm's US website here. Though it is not on the UK website yet, I cannot find anything which says it is incompatible with EFIGS units, so I have installed it and it seems to work fine. Do tell me ASAP if anyone finds any problems with it, but meanwhile enjoy those multimedia moments which you used to envy PPC users for!

Proporta Aluminium Case

I have been sent a sample of the Proporta aluminium case and it is fantastic. A really clever design which has addressed all the issues that have cropped up in case reviews over the years (with the exception of needing to take it out of the case to fit on the cradlle - but this case is for road warriors and they don't carry no cradle!).

Attachment is by gentle pressure from the neoprene padding applied to the bottom section of the TT. It is a tight but comfortable fit, and in case you might worry that in time it will loosen there are two extra safety features: spring-loaded attachment to the two accessory connection points on the back of the TT, and the lid of the case has a lip, which will prevent the TT sliding out when the case is closed. The lid closes very firmly, so I do not expect it to pop open on a 1 metre drop (but it is not as strong as this!)

Being very accurately machined aluminium, it adds very little bulk (much less than the Scuba case) and almost no weight to the PDA. There are cutaways for all functions, plus some designed so that you can get a good grip on the TT when (a) opening the slider, and (b) taking it out of the case.

I will take some photos, though they will not add much to the very clear one's on Proporta's website here, and then pass it along to Craig, who is doing a big comparative review of cases to appear in March Foxpop. But my first impression is: an outstandingly clever design which maintains maximum functionality while providing serious impact and scratch protection.