Sunday, February 09, 2003


I made the switch to Mac on Friday. So far I am pretty pleased. I have not used a Mac since 1991, and in between spent a lot of time with EPOC, so I was pleasantly surprised to find how much OSX reminded me of EPOC.

Anyway, I can report that Palm Desktop installs fine from the CD-ROM which comes with your TT. However, since I have started using Entourage for e-mail (I never touched Outlook on Windows) I decided to try sync-ing the Palm with Entourage.

I could put up with Entourage for Mail, but formed a very rapid dislike of it as a PIM. At first I thought this was because of the way it tried to integrate all my PIM data, but now I think I have put my finger on it: Entourage (and Outlook) makes a non-reversible assumption that it is your main PIM software, that you will do everything of importance with it and you only want to sync to a Palm in order to have a mobile copy of Entourage data. With me exactly the reverse is true: my Palm is my personal computer, the place where I keep all and edit all my important data. I only bother to synchronize, rather than just back-up, to the desktop to give me cut'n'paste transfer of data with other applications.

Suspecting from the installation instructions that it would have the same fault, I have also decided against installing iSync. I am going to stick with PalmDesktop simply because it makes no assumptions about relative priority between desktop and handheld PIM: you can treat your Palm as a mobile copy of your Palm Desktop, or vice versa.

If, unlike me, you do want to sync your TT with Entourage, you need to visit this link, and if you want to sync with the Mac address book and iCal software, go here.