Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Docs To Go

While I have always appreciated the fact that mid to high end Palms come with office software, I have never found much use for it. If I use my Palm for writing, it is the 'get that idea down quickly' sort of writing, and I do not need to carry around complex documents to access on the road. In fact, my biggest mobile office type of use is the annotated bibliography I am building up, and that works very well as a Memo category.

However, I have now found a totally invaluable use for Docs to Go (DTG). I have a Windows lapop at work and a Mac at home. Sometims I need to work on documents, usually Word files, at home. Now I could bring the lappy home, but it weighs a ton and I tend to walk. When I had a PC at home I just carried a floppy in my bag. What to do now?

One solution is to e-mail the documents to myself, but (a) tests showed that some formatting was lost, (b) I would need to know what I wanted in advance, whereas in practice there are 3-4 papers I am working on at any time and I might find myself wanting to edit any one of them.

It turns out that if I load DTG on both the lappy and the Mac and use the TT as a go-between, the synchonisation is almost perfect, except, and this is the bummer, for footnotes. More research needed, as they say.