Friday, February 14, 2003

Cover-up from The Pocket Solution

This arrived yesterday (my stinginess meant it was sent airmail rather than Global Priority, so it took 10 days to cross the Atlantic). I am pretty pleased with it so far and will post some more details this evening (photos are dependent upon whetehr i can get my digital camera to speak to my Mac). Meanwhile, here are the key features:

- It attaches by a small velcro pad about 25mm by 10 mm on the top back section of the TT.
- Apart from that, it is made of high-grade aluminium throughout, but with a coarser, less satiny finish than the TT itself.
- It hinges at the back and only opens about 225 degrees. When open on a desk, the TT is propped up at a rather nice angle for viewing.
- On the inside of the cover there is a sqaure foam pad which fits into the recessed screen area, and two rubber pads which prevent metal on metal contact and stop the buttons being accidentally pressed.
- When closed it adds surprisingly little bulk to the TT. In fact, in the hand it feels smaller than the standard plastic cover.

First opinion: if you just want screen and button protection, this is a very effective though not particularly beautiful solution.

Digitizer Update

This is an interesting one. It seems that I was not alone in the following train of throught:

"The digitizer seems to miss some of my taps at the top of the screen. This is probably a hardware fault which could be fixed under warranty. However it is only a minor irritation, whereas sending the TT back to be replaced would be a major irritation involving lengthy discussions with half-trained Customer Service Assistants. So I will live with it."

Fortunately enough people must have complained to Palm for them to investigate and discover that it is a software bug. So yesterday they released an update which cures it. Get it here. Like the Audio Update, it has not been released in Europe yet, but I have tried it on my EFIGS TT and it does the job without causing any problems.