Monday, February 17, 2003

Cover-Up Photos

OK, I have done the deed. The four best photos of the Cover-Up on my TT are now online. They should answer the questions that the photos on The Pocket Solution website do not. So that I do not have to spend more of my employer's time formatting this page in raw HTML (which is what you have to do with Blogger), I am just going to do them as links for the time being.

Here is a view from the side with the cover closed. If you look carefully you can see the screen pad.

Here is a view of how the TT rests on a desk when the case is open. I like it.

Here is a detail of the hinge when the case is closed, showing how there is a small gap. This prevents the SD card from being accidentally released.

And here is a detail of the all important attachment point.

Conclusion After four days use, my view is that if you want a protective flip cover, this will do just fine. It is strong, light and adds next to no bulk. But the finish is lower quality than the TT itself, the edges are slightly sharp, and because it is opaque, it reduces functionality.

Updates on UK site

The Audio and Digitizer updates are now on Palm's UK website, along with an update for Versa Mail to help with handling of jpeg attachments. Get them all here - in fact I suggest you bookmark that page for future reference!

Meanwhile, while I have my morning coffee, I am going to hoik the photos of the Cover-up onto my work PC and try to upload them later today.