Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Cover-Up Caveat

I have noticed that the Cover-Up flip cover makes my screen very dusty. No damage occurs, because this is not grit but looks more like lint (I suspect there is a US-UK difference in what that word means), but it is slightly irritating. At first I thought it would go away as the cover was used a bit, but it seems to continue. I cannot work out if it is coming from the atmosphere and being caught by the cover as it flips over, or whether it is falling from the soft pad which covers the screen area. The lint is largely white but the pad is black, so maybe I just live in a very dusty pace and the Cover-Up accentuates the effect.

PIM Software

I own a license for Agendus, but I never use it. However, a queasy feeling of disorganization this morning encouraged me to download version 6 and take a look.

There is a Today view, which is pretty standard, and an improvement on ToDo filtering, so that now you can pick more than one (but fewer than all) categories to be dislayed. The list view is quite nice, and the data entry screens are good except they assume that everything you do needs linking to a contact.

Anyway, a bit of playing with Agendus made me realize what I really really want from PIM software. I am quite happy with the built-in date bok, and have no problem having to press two buttons to see my appointments and to-dos. ToDo+ does a nice job of adding alarms, repeats and better filters to the to-do list. But noting I have ever seen allows you two views of your to-dos at once. I would like a split screen view, so thatI could see, for example, all items due today in the top half and all due some time this week in the bottom half, or view what is due in one category and what is coming up in another, or .... That would really allow me to plan my day.