Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Bluetooth Toggle

There are lots of clever utilities out there designed to make it easier to toggle your BT radio on and off, thus to conserve batteries. But I decided to make do with the utilities I already had installed, in particular, with the excellent pToolSet. I have pToolSet configured to launch its main menu either with a tap to the bottom right of the screen, a graffiti c-cedilla, or a tap to the '123' keyboard button. Then one more tap takes me to a listing of the Paklm Prefs, and one more straingt into the BT preference panel. When I tap 'Done', I go straight back to where I started. Al in all, it takes 5 taps to toggle BT on or off from anywhere. Not instant, but since you are likely to be using BT for 10-15 mins at a time, not excessive either. Here are some screenshots of the main pToolSet menu (aka pMasterTool) and the listing of Palm Preference panels:

pMasterToolseparatorPalm Prefs Listing


I bought a new phone at the weekend - a Philips Fisio 825. The main attraction was that it had bluetooth (and was very cheap!).

Getting the phone and the TT to find each other was easy, but the trial-and-error approach did not get them doing anything useful. The Philips CD-ROM is (a) Windows only, and (b) requires your PC to have BT, so I used the Palm Phone Link wizard. Problem: it only has drivers for Sony/Ericsson and Nokia phones. Whenever I selected 'Other' it justtold me to update the Phone Link software. I did as I was told, but still no support for the Fisio.

I decided to try first the oldest phone on the list, then the newest. First guess worked - if I told the TT that the Fisio is an Ericsson R520m, all the connection settings went through just hunky-dory.

I don't expect to be using this a lot, but BT is certainly much easier than trying to keep line of sight for IR on a crowded train.