Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Background Music and Dial-up Connections

I was on a late train from London last night and trying to catch up on my e-mail. So I plugged in an SD card with some good music and hooked up to the Fisio. I had done an initial download from one account before getting the music out, so was surprised to find that when I tried to send my replies and fetch from my Foxpop account, I could not get a connection. The TT found the Fisio, dialled the number, made contact with my ISPs modem, but then stalled during the log in script and the connection timed out after 1 minute. This happened several times, until I guessed it was the music and turned it off. Then everything went swimmingly again.

So it seems that background music, at least as supplied by Pocket Tunes, interferes with the TT's ability to establish a network connection. I cannot figure out why this may be and have not done any more testing yet, but would appreciate an e-mail from anyone who has had similar experiences.